Enforcing Womens Rights Gets Complicated

Photo by Hansjörg Keller on Unsplash

Holding the Biden administration and senate to fund the Violence Against Women Act is essential. To have oversight of Domestic Violence agencies is also a top priority. Women should not be assigned to the same court as their abusers either.
Victims need to be sheltered from the before mentioned abuse and batters. When COVID-19 hit the scene, they did not end up in the same room as them, which meant that the abuser could not act on it. That’s a critical first for seeing to the force in these meetings and how they could affect.
Alexis Moore wrote a 2020 book for Florida state domestic bench book. It’s really on point for the judges and lawyers using the book in court family law in Florida. There are guidelines and rules in Flordia to treat a sexual abuse stalking victim, and the book ensures that their voice is recognized. That brings us back to caring for women and their plight.
President Biden is about to fulfill VAMA, The Violence Against Women Act, the idea of it. The goal of this is to make women safer and protect their women’s rights. In 1993, Biden Senator wrote, “Through this process, I have become convinced that violence against women reflects as much of a failure of our nation’s collective moral imagination as does the inability of our nation’s laws and regulations “(Joe Biden, 2020).
Since then, President has come called to end violence against women. But sadly, there has been a story that complicates it. The women, in this case, took their money that was ready for natives on non-work trips.
Meredith McConnell and Mary Day Chief both received reimbursement. They did not get approval as part of their work. Both of these women are members of the Montana Women’s Coalition (billingsgazetter.com, 2019). Both women had received whistleblowing policies, financial oversight, conflicts of interests, and a code of ethics (billingsgazetter.com, 2019).
Then “Director Toni Louise Plummer-Alvernaz inflated work hours, used the organizations, and paid for travel that never occurred. She was sent to a year in prison and ordered to pay $246,024 in restitution in 2017.” (billingsgazetter.com, 2019). Meredith and Mary Day Chief are not clear they are being retained by an attorney (billingsgazetter.com, 2019).
Inciting the former premises, it is a real struggle to save VAMA. Alexis Moores thinks of the book in the same of terms. How can we stand so confident that the women are stealing the hard money that came to them? How long did this go on? To be specific, lobbyists need to become a tool for reaching into these agencies and their type. To make sure, examples like this don’t get fettered.

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