How a Momma Robin Put Faith Back In My Heart

About three weeks ago, my kids and I came upon some bird eggs in a nest. The Mama Robin was brilliant about where she had built the nest;

Robin’s nest under our house deck

She chose shelter from the rain, wind, and any dangerous predator that may be lurking in the area. It was a spot extremely hard for humans or other animals to access, and not a place anyone would think to look. Since discovering the nest, my daughter and I would go out every morning, afternoon, and evening to check on the eggs. Against my wishes, she would touch the eggs to see if they were still warm when the Momma Robin was out to find a meal for herself or make home improvements to the nest.

I thought for certain the Momma Robin would not want anything to do with the eggs after my daughter handled them so often, but she was undeterred by us and my daughter’s human scent, and went right back to sit on her babies every time. To further complicate the situation, my son plays basketball about twenty feet from where the birds nest is, and even that didn’t phase Ruthie the Robin.

She had such a strong maternal instinct and will, that she sat in that nest until a few days ago when the babies were born. We grew to love and respect the Momma Robin so much, that my daughter named the bird family. Momma Robin was given the name Ruthie. My daughter named the babies Rosie and Ron. Rosie was born on May 13 and Ron was born on May 14.

Unbeknownst to me, my daughter touched the babies too and I was so convinced that Ruthie for sure would want nothing to do with them ever again and permanently reject them. I was wrong about that too, Ruthie came right back and fed her babies and kept them warm through the cold crazy wind and rain last week, and they are now thriving! It is almost as if Ruthie can sense that the world is spiraling out of control right now and no matter what happened, she was going to make sure those babies were born and healthy. While that may sound corny to some, I really believe that.

Rosie and Ron a fews days old

After the babies were born, whenever Ruthie would leave we would go check on the birds. If she came back and we were still there, she would sit on the fence and get “ferocious” with us. Ruthie repeatedly loudly chirped, paced, shifted her weight from side to said and puffed her chest out. She maintained that threatening stance until we left the nest area. The primal instinct to protect, love and care for her babies was so strong and passionate, it truly moved me. And, she did a phenomenal job, because here is Rosie today in my daughter’s hand.

Rosie, 5/19/2019

In the midst of our frenetic modern times, it’s easy to forget that birds are descendants of dinasours. They have withstood the test of time and continue to procreate. With all the turmoil, uncertainty, and upheaval in our world right now, Ruthie reminded me that a tiny being such as herself is still very powerful and complex. Ruthie, in my opinion, understands even better than we do how to create, nurture, and protect her young at all costs. She also illustrates unconditional love and loyalty, something that we could all learn more about and better put into practice. Those tiny fragile baby birds survived and thrived against all odds thanks to nature and how awe inspiring it is.

In the midst of the abysmal state of our world right now that had me so down hearted and dark, Ruthie and her babies put some much needed faith back into my heart and somehow illustrated for me that we are going to be okay, somehow, someway. And when fear and doubt creep in about what the future holds, as they are so apt to do, think of the birds and what they accomplish; I am almost certain your heart and soul will feel better.

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