You are so right about everything in this amazing story. My daughter was in a pre school inlcusion class, and the SAME things happened for the same reasons. Their parents were very exclusive and the children modelled their behavior. When my daughter would ask to play with them at 4 years old, they would flat out tell her no as their mothers sat at a bench huddled together in their own clique. The damage that gets done does not go away either as my daughter still perceives herself to be different and “less than”. Sadly, she will be 16 in February of this year but remembers it like it was yesterday.I don’t know waht the answer is, but things definitely need to change.

Committe Member in Ward 5 PA; Endorsed by by PA ALF-CIO #AutismMom #IAmWriting #LCSW #ResistanceWarrior #ADHD #ClimateActionNow

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